What’s New MATE | LINUX Unplugged 116

What’s New MATE | LINUX Unplugged 116

Behind the scenes on Ubuntu MATE’s new features pushing the Ubuntu platform forward for traditional desktops, why Apple’s latest court case proves Richard Stallman was right about owning your own software & there is real debate about Xiaomi’s new Linux laptop.

Plus the big EFF win that’s great for Linux users, the big problems facing x86 that are a wake up call to distro makers & more!

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Linux Academy

Intel x86 considered harmful (new paper)

So, today I’m releasing this first paper, finally. You can get the PDF
, and also the EPUB version

_As mentioned, the paper is mostly a (hopefully systematic) survey of the various
problems and attacks presented against the x86 platform over the last 10 year_s.


DOJ dismisses Apple’s arguments against decrypting iOS communications

Federal courts should require Apple to unlock encrypted data because the operating system is “licensed, not sold,” to customers, the Justice Department argued in a reply brief in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

But suddenly he doesn’t seem crazy anymore. After the Snowden revelations, and all the other major and minor privacy breaches of the past few years, his paranoia now seems justified — even rational:


Xiaomi’s Linux Laptop To Enter Production ‘Early Next Year’

The model with a 12.5-inch screen will be manufactured by Inventec (who make laptops for Acer, Toshiba and HP), with an initial order of 250,000 units.

The slightly larger device is to be made by Compal Electronics (known for manufacturing Apple devices, and various PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo games consoles), with Xiaomi placing an order for 300,000 units.

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