Coder Puppy Mills | CR 177

Coder Puppy Mills | CR 177

Mike & Chris discuss the hard problem of identifying opportunity costs vs staying flexible and cheap, why making communication a priority is almost never a priority & the numbers suggest coding bootcamps are growing like crazy… But is that a good thing?

Plus when to ship, and why testing can really make Mike testy, your feedback & more!

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Why Software Outsourcing Doesn’t Work … Anymore – Yegor Bugayenko

I_’m talking about outsourcing, not offshore development. The difference is that in outsourcing, there are two companies involved: you the client and some WeCodeLikeNoOneElse Inc. from Loompaland. In offshore development, you just open an office in that same Loompaland with your own management and employees_


When is it time to just call something done and ship
How much polish is enough
Acceptable bugs?

Testing is Making Me Testy

Can you be a good dev and be ‘bad at testing’?
Once upon a time… QA Staff Existed…. Should they come back?
TDD? BDD? Alphabet Soup?

Can coding bootcamps replace a computer science degree?

A _2015 survey from Course Report of 67 U.S. and Canadian bootcamp schools_found that the average tuition per program is just over $11,000, with an average program length of about 11 weeks. Compare that with an average cost of $31,321 for one year at a private college, and a tech bootcamp seems like a great deal. Even a year for in-state students attending a public institution can expect to pay just over $9,000 per year, while out-of-state students pay an average of $22,958 per year at public colleges.

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