I Came, I Saw, Ionic | CR 179

I Came, I Saw, Ionic | CR 179

Microsoft kills a major Windows development initiative & becomes one of the top contributors to Go.

Mike has a new love & gets a bit ironic about Ionic. He explains why this framework just might be his new home.

Plus some great feedback & we bask in the dawn of the age of utility.

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Microsoft kills Astoria?

Microsoft is currently the top Go Contriubtor

GoLang Stats

Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, announced at All Things Open, that Microsoft is adding “experimental support” for Google’s open-source Go language, into its Azure cloud service.

Another $1 Million Crowdfunded Gadget Company Collapses

Remember the Robotic Dragonfly? The little drone was an early crowdfunding success story, netting over a $1 million in pledges on Indiegogo in 2012. At the time, it was one of the first crowdfunded gadgets to raise more than a million dollars. The project promised a tiny robot that can fly like a bird and hover like an insect — and for $99, too. Bad news, friends. This little drone is not taking off as scheduled.

The company announced yesterday that it is in deep financial trouble. But it’s not their fault, the founders say in notes on Indiegogo. It’s PayPal and Indiegogo’s fault for not releasing funds. How much? The company didn’t release that information.

The direction of computing is only going in one way—to the cloud

The direction of computing is going in just one way—towards the cloud. As companies and individuals learn what it can do, many new ways of working are opening up. For example, if you’re selling a service or providing an app via the cloud, all your users are permanently or very frequently connected. You can watch how they use your product, and feed that information straight back into your development cycle to alleviate points of pain or optimise and expand popular areas. That simply wasn’t possible before. You can analyse and act on real-time data to add far more intelligence to your product than your users’ devices can support, as Siri and Google Now already show. The constraints of pre-cloud computing are fading away, and the age of true utility is here.

Ionic Dev Diaries

Mike’s in the last phase of development for releasing an Ionic / Cordova app under BT.
Why Ionic?
The road so far.
Platform specific concerns?


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