Barkeep, Ionic, Please | CR 180

Barkeep, Ionic, Please | CR 180

Mike has a big announcement & shares his insights for discovering an underserved niche and creating software for people most of us never considered.

Plus why Chris is a bit offended by the idea of Swift on the server, Microsoft delivers on the open source goods & a few quick gift ideas for anyone who wants to focus.

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Weekend Reflection

Dev Expedition Journal

  • Backpoints

  • New Strategy

  • Why IAP?

  • Why Android First?

The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Surviving A Tech Bubble


FIM++ is imperative, dynamically-typed, interpreted language. Currently, it supports integer arithmetic, console output, dynamically growing arrays, and subroutines.

FIM++ can use Java classes, which opens it to the rich and wide JVM ecosystem. Also, it makes it possible to write a simple GUI program using Swing.

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