Thunderclouds around Thunderbird | LINUX Unplugged 122

Thunderclouds around Thunderbird | LINUX Unplugged 122

Mozilla wants to spin off Thunderbird & launch an iOS ad blocker that only works with Safari. Is there a master plan at work, or has the Mozilla foundation lost their way? Our virtual LUG debates.

Then our best solutions for syncing your Podcasts from your mobile to your Linux desktop & SpiderOak ditches Google.

Plus we review the new CrossOver 15 & discuss how this Linux desktop app works like no other. What nice features it offers over PlayOnLinux & standard WINE, why it’s not quite like other commercial software for Linux & more!

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For the past five years, we had been using Google Analytics for monitoring our web traffic. Innocent enough decision, right? Then we asked ourselves, “are we contributing to the mass surveillance of the web by using a feature-rich, yet free service that tracks web visitors?” Sadly. we didn’t like the answer to that question. “Yes, by using Google Analytics, we are furthering the erosion of privacy on the web.”

Follow Up / Catch Up


What’s Happening with Thunderbird and Mozilla?

Ideas for the integration of Thunderbird with LibreOffice

Concrete ideas of further integration of LibreOffice and Thunderbird

Changes in LibreOffice:

  • Access to multiple Thunderbird address books (tdf#57873).
Changes/extensions for Thunderbird:
  • Provide a theme for Thunderbird to make look and feel more similar to LibreOffice.
  • Thunderbird currently does not provide a preview of documents (except for .txt and .html). A preview of ODF (and all other supported file types) could be possible via the integration of LibreOffice Kit into Thunderbird. This could be a joint Thunderbird & LibreOffice project for GSOC 2016.
  • Possibility to use LibreOffice Writer as email editor in Thunderbird.
  • Enable Contact Notes to supports complex formatting and pictures. Notes for a Contact in an Address Book could use LibreOffice Writer/Kit. Notes could be saved in OpenDocument format
Libreoffice Does Not Want Thunderbird

One of the reasons behind the success of the LibreOffice project is the

sharp focus on a single application, which is not going to change

anytime soon. We are already working on the Android and the Cloud

versions of LibreOffice, and this is more than enough – in term of

global effort – for a community based project. So, please avoid any

speculation based on rumors, as they might be intentionally created by

our competitors.

Linux Academy

Firefox OS Comes to an End.. Where is Mozilla going?

Mozilla Will Stop Developing And Selling Firefox OS Smartphones | TechCrunch

Farewell Firefox OS smartphones. Mozilla today announced an end to its smartphone experiment, and said that it would stop developing and selling Firefox OS smartphones. It will continue to experiment on how it might work on other connected devices and Internet of Things networks.


CrossOver 15 Review

  • Linux Improvements:
  • CrossOver now uses PulseAudio for sound if it is available on
    the system.
  • CrossOver has a completely redone User Interface on

    • Application Support:
  • Quicken 2016 now runs in CrossOver.
    • General Improvements:
  • Wine 1.8 brings thousands of updates to CrossOver’s core
    compatibility with Windows applications.

  • Dual screen Linux setups will run Microsoft Office
    better than before.

  • CodeWeavers Blogs – Jana Schmid – Having Ourselves a Merry Little Release | CodeWeavers

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