Infected Perfected | STOked 85

Infected Perfected | STOked 85

In the first of a 3-week long series of events, the STOked boys are taking you on an in-depth tour of the Borg Special Task Force missions. Up this week is a guide to “The Infected” which includes tips and tricks for painlessly eliminating the Borg drones, and their leaders.

Before we dig into that however, BIG NEWS landed this week regarding the impending purchase of Cryptic Studios by Perfect World International. Despite the community’s uproar over this news, we’re taking a more level-headed approach to the corporate nature of this acquisition, and intend to share our thoughts on why this could be one of the best business moves STO could potentially see.

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Show Notes:

It was announced this morning that “Perfect World” has penned a deal to purchase Cryptic Studios for 35million Euro. 

Other links/Cryptic responses:
Compilation of pre-responses
Official announcement from PR Newswire

J-RANT: Chinese Racism on Forums (for shame!)

F2P, Pay-to-Win
Star Trek IP in China?
“Angelica” 3D Engine — aging? Perhaps this acquisition is for the Cryptic engine?
PWE obtained Runic (makers of Torchlight) in 2009 and haven’t meddled at all.
R&D / Tech angle
“More importantly, Cryptic Studios’ highly reputable development team and its technology platform will further strengthen our well-established R&D capabilities.”
Jupiter Uniforms are here! C-Store: 280 pts
– Not a bad price for 5 new tops and pants.
– Pooooor Klingons…

– Earth Badge:
– Gatling Turrets:
– Qo’nos Courtyard:
– Exocomps to replace Drones:
— REALLY, DAN? A picture of an EMAIL?! Now you’re just taunting us.

Enterprise-F Dev Diary (How The Winner Was Chosen)
– Includes a “clay model” with more angles to view (still a WIP)

Infected Tips

Watch the uncut full stream here & Part 2 here:

General Tips:
– If you’re new, get experienced players to lead you through. There’s plenty out there now.
– Voice chat is highly recommended. (Vivox coming soon!)
– Follow directions. Or if you’re leading, give clear directions that are easy to follow!
– Do not progress any dialog pop-ups until the Team Leader gives the OK, or does it him/herself.
– Do not go in unprepared! Make sure you have a solid spec that plays to the specific strengths of both your Space AND Ground abilities.

Zip around BEHIND the gate, and do not activate the two popups until the team is in position.
With high DPS, you may be able to destroy the gate in a single activation sequence.
If you destroy the gate without killing transmitters, you get better loot.
If you do not destroy the gate in a single activation, you will be faced with 3-4 waves of borg ships that get progressively more and more powerful with each wave.

Good Space Boff Abilities:
Hazard Emitters (practically a must-have)
Tactical Team
A lot of DPS/buffs/debuffs
Gravity Well — good for chain reactions on warp cores!

Tactical Cubes have a ~5km explosion radius. If you are trying to keep the Transmitters alive, and have a Tac Cube spawned, be sure to lure it away from them before destroying the cube.

Tweet Update:
Cryptic_Gozer Dan Griffis
Weekly STF Update… Infected space 85% complete. Battle to destroy the Transwarp Gateway is much more interesting now 🙂

Ground Weapons:
Tactical — Sniper(x2)
Engineer+Science — CRM200 + Melee

Ground Kits:
Engineer: Fabrication or Bunker Kit
Tactical: Fire Team or Squad Leader
Science: Medic (at least one on the team)… if you want to DPS, I recommend Geophysicist

Order of Ground Targets:
Interlink Node
(Protos? Can be cleaned up at any time after Medical. May despawn on their own.)

Pull him OUT of his room, into the hallway.
He will stop and summon friends halfway through the fight. If you are in the hallway, they will not join the battle.

Get into the alcoves on the wall opposite from the entry doorway.
This blocks line of sight between group members (meaning, no heals!), which prevents her “chain lightning” attack from hitting more than one target at a time.

NEXT WEEK: “The Cure”
Keep your tips/guides coming! Jeremy is gonna try and post the best ones over at

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