Slaving for Red Star OS | LINUX Unplugged 125

Slaving for Red Star OS | LINUX Unplugged 125

A distribution of Linux built to survey and track speech, we go into the surveillance marvel that is Red Star OS. Solus hits 1.0 & we bring on some of the team to tell us all about it.

Plus Mozilla has a new… Distraction? We debate their merits of rumored new Firefox OS powered hardware.

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Show Notes:


The ‘Kopimashin’, seen in the video below makes 100 copies of the Gnarls Barkley song ‘Crazy’ and sends them all to /dev/null — a technical term meaning the files are deleted as soon as they are saved.

Follow Up / Catch Up

Solus 1.0 Released

The Solus Project is proud to announce the release of the first version of its operating system, Solus, on 27th of December, 2015. Solus 1.0 is codenamed Shannon after the longest river in Ireland.

Solus 1.0 is the result of over eight months of work, coalesced from over a dozen contributors, over 2000 package builds, a rewrite of the premier desktop environment Budgie, and more.


Unfortunately, although Facebook initially announced that they would provide USD50,000 of support per year, they have since rescinded.


How Red Star OS Spies on Users

Two German researchers — Florian Grunow and Niklaus Schiess — pulled apart the North Korean operating system, which closely resembles Apple’s Mac OS X, during a presentation at Chaos Communication in Hamburg.

A pair of German researchers have just given the code a once over — and as you’d expect, it’s locked down and oppressive, and worse than just a weaker version of other Linux distros. It’s geared toward enabling and maintaining a total surveillance state, all while giving the illusion of technological progress to its citizens.

Linux Academy

Exclusive: Mozilla working on a tablet a stickTV, an intelligent keyboard and a router

We mentioned earlier that Mozilla’s Firefox os isn’t dead. Mozilla has some great plans for firefox os. These internal documents obtained by Hypertext shows the future of Mozilla Firefox preparing detailed OS beyond smartphones and include Panasonic TVs & these documents detail the new plans of Mozilla.


Looking into 2016

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