The Stories of SCALE14x | LAS 402

The Stories of SCALE14x | LAS 402

We share our best stories from 2016’s SCALE14x. From the highlights to the bar fights we talk about what it’s like to attend one of the largest community driven Linux events in the world.

Plus the Linux Trojan that’s snapping screenshots & recording audio, Linux Mint is building their own X-Apps, your live calls & more!

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SCALE 14x Report

Mark Shuttleworth Keynote and UbuCon

AT&T has struck a deal with Canonical that could shape the future of the platform currently “owning” the cloud…

Cory Doctorow Keynote

SCALE 14x Floor

  • Huge floor, lots of great exhibitors

LAS 400 Meetup

  • Crazy big meetup, thanks everyone!

ScALE Pictures

  • Expo Hall 1
  • Expo Hall 2
  • Expo Hall 3
  • Expo Hall 4
  • Ham Radio Presence at ScALE
  • Facebook / OpenRack Project
  • Facebook / OpenRack Project
  • Facebook / OpenRack Project
  • Facebook / OpenRack Project
  • Anyone know what kind of car Linus Torvalds Rives?
  • Indian Dinner Friday Night
  • Dinner Sat Night at Mongolian Grill
  • Key Signing Party
  • Sat Night Ham Radio Dinner

Some Great sessions to watch


Runs Linux

Nintendo 64 RUNS LINUX!

Uploaded Linux kernel to N64 memory using GameShark Pro with parallel port interface in about 2 minutes. Modified kernel in approx. 1 week of work. Immediately runs out of memory, but could probably be fixed with further modifications.

Desktop App Pick

My recommended GNOME Extension

This is a listing of twenty extensions for GNOME that I personally use and recommend.
As of this post all them work flawlessly on the latest release of GNOME which is 3.18.2.

Weekly Spotlight

Yarock – Linux music player

Yarock Screenshot

Yarock is a modern looking music player, packed with features, that doesn’t depend on any specific desktop environment.
Yarock is designed to provide an easy and pretty music browser based on cover art.
Yarock is easy to build with a minimal set of dependancies, and offers the choose of differents audio back-end.


Lollypop Gnome Music Player Screenshot

A GNOME music player.

— NEWS —

Snap-Happy Trojan Targets Linux Servers

Researchers at Dr.Web on Tuesday revealed details of the Trojan Linux.Ekoms.1, which takes screen shots and records audio to acquire sensitive and personal information, mostly from Linux servers.

The Linux Mint Monthly News – January 2016


X-Apps will be a collection of generic GTK3 applications using traditional interfaces which can be used as default desktop components in Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce.

Release OBS Multiplatform 0.13.0

OBS Screen Shot

This project is a rewrite of what was formerly known as “Open Broadcaster
Software”, software originally designed for recording and streaming live
video content, efficiently.

Semaphor to Give Team Collaboration Privacy

Semaphor helps teams improve their productivity by keeping members focused, informed, and connected. Teams can join group conversations, private message team members, share files, and install trusted third-party integrations knowing their privacy is protected at every step. Following the same privacy-centric design as all SpiderOak solutions, Semaphor uses a Zero Knowledge architecture that ensures nothing leaves a computer or mobile device until after it is encrypted and is never decrypted until it is unlocked with keys only located on individuals’ devices.

KDE neon Website Now Live

Serving the freshest packages of KDE software. Developers’ archive with packages built from KDE Git available now, stable archive with packages built from released tars coming soon.

  • This initial release of KDE neon is based on the current standard release of Ubuntu 15.10 to better prepare this new project for the upcoming 16.04 long-term release.
  • Currently we only have packages built for the developer edition of KDE neon from the KDE Git archives. Packages and installation media for the user edition of KDE neon will be proudly offered shortly.
  • KDE neon (@KdeNeon) | Twitter



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Were you around for today’s (10 January 2016) live show? If not, you should seriously consider taking some time with us on Sunday and watch the live show. Not only will you get more content, but you’ll be able to interact with Chris and Noah.
One of the things that came up today was Chris talking about his background in today’s episode.

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