Pinguy OS Review | LAS | s17e03

Pinguy OS Review | LAS | s17e03

There’s a new Linux distro in town, and it’s here to disrupt! Find out if this up-start distribution is on the path to become the new king of the land, or fade into obscurity!

PLUS – Is Canonical too focused on the Netbook? And why WebOS might be the MeeGo Killer!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Episode Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
Wearable Rugged Computers and the Modular Tactical System from Black Diamond Advanced Technology, Run Linux

Android Pick:
Taptu – DJ Your News
Android Picks so far, thanks to Madjo in the IRC Chat room

Linux Pick:

Ubuntu Ensemble, Control for the Cloud
Dear Ubuntu: The netbook is toast
Nokia CTO Richard Green On Leave After Reported MeeGo Spat
Attachmate reveals Novell, SUSE, & Linux Plans
Attachmate’s Brauckmann takes control of SUSE Linux
10 reasons why Chromebooks will be a huge success
10 Reasons for Geeks to Love HP webOS
Peppermint OS – Thanks to @Stargazer71
NetRexx is now open source

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