Sure-Fire Cure | STOked 86

Sure-Fire Cure | STOked 86

In our second of three STF Tips & Tricks episodes, the boys will rampage through “The Cure” with the aid of our fearless teammates from Jupiter Force. How do you outsmart the Borg’s shield generator puzzles? Find out what worked for us!

And then… Season 4 is here! Or is it? The first of the major features landed BRIEFLY on the Tribble Test Server this week, and we’re here to go over the patch notes with a fine-tooth comb. We’ll also pick out the juiciest details from the June “Ask Cryptic,” and announce a couple community-driven projects that have caught our eye.

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Show Notes:

Big Tribble Patch!
Ground Combat! (pic from Gozer)
New Gorn!
Tons of kit power changes!
On-Demand Patching!
PvE Queue system!
Bug Fixes, Balance Tweaks, Feature Fixes, Foundry Improvements!

Ask Cryptic

  • Purchasing “random lots” of Doffs from the C-Store
  • More remastery will come, but for now “STFs are in far worse shape, and in need of love.”
  • Fleet Action changes — joining queues, private actions (without level banding restrictions)
    • Splitting Ground and Space FA dailies.
  • Ent-F will be a playable ship at some point during S4
  • Akira refit coming during S4. Not finalized if it will be a VA ship.
  • “Open PvP areas”?? (If we can get the tech worked out…)

Star Trek: Reunion
Cerberus Films Announcement
Teaser Trailer
All episodes will be available at:

Starbase UGC’s contest:  Summer of Love
Complete rules & regulations…

Official Forums got a few tweaks. New subforums, etc.


The Cure

Space Part 1
Bleh, kill borg. Easy.

Ground Part 2
General Tips –
* Go with somebody that knows where nodes are (frequently hidden)
* Pay attention to your leader!
* Ground Map is outside (avoid flanking, stay mobile)
* Engineers cannot use Force Domes (Bunker Kit) to much effectiveness

1) Equipment
At least 2 sniper rifles (for nodes, and exploits)
CRM 200 — best expose weapon, and adds slow effect
Tac – Squad Leader / Fire Team
Eng – Fabrication (Bunker kit is of limited use, but could still be handy)
Sci – Medic

2) Puzzle Tactics
* Brute Force
* Start, fail, restart (1 less spawn to deal with)
(mention “zero aggro” but that we didn’t use it)
* Drop toys between nodes, to draw aggro from beam-ins.

3) Boss tactics
Healer tank his face
He’s got a Chain Lightning attack (won’t use it if people are out of range)
TR-116 for End Boss (Target pre-order) — “Field of Fire”

SPACE – Part 3
Full Impulse IMMEDIATELY, to get to the space stations and eliminate the borg-ifiers.
If you blow up 4, the rest launch.
Try and release the Neg’vars first (farthest from you)

BOSS – Assimilated Carrier
Use AOE attacks to counteract fighter swarms

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