What Is KDE Neon? | LAS 409

What Is KDE Neon? | LAS 409

Jonathan Riddell joins us to discuss the KDE Neon project, the latest & greatest of KDE community software packaged on a rock-solid base. We kick the tires & give you our first impressions. Is this finally the Plasma Desktop just the way we’ve always wanted it?

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KDE neon

KDE Plasma 5.6 Screenshot

The latest and greatest of KDE community software
packaged on a rock-solid base.

FOSDEM: Announcing KDE neon

At FOSDEM this weekend KDE is announcing our newest project, KDE neon. Neon will provide a way to get the latest KDE software on the day its released.


Runs Linux


Hi Chris,

I spotted linux in the wild today at Sears. While the register was booting up it looked like the ubuntu boot screen with the 4 loading dots, but it was customized to show Sears instead of ubuntu. When the boot process had finished, a gtk dialog box popped up and I was able to snap a picture before it brought up the POS interface.

I also saw they were running desktop linux in the optical department. I only got a glimpse of it, but it looked like it might have been a really old customized version of kde.

Desktop App Pick
Bombono DVD Creator
  • Excellent video viewer: Timeline and Monitor
  • Real WYSIWYG Menu Editor with Live THumbnails
  • Comfortable Drag-n-Drop support
  • Transcoding, if necessary
  • Motion menus
  • Subtitles Support
  • Author to Folder, ISO or directly to DVD
  • Reauthoring: You can import video from DVD discs.

Weekly Spotlight

Blue Griffon

BlueGriffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. Powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox, it’s a modern and robust solution to edit Web pages in conformance to the latest Web Standards.

Because Gecko lives inside BlueGriffon, the document you edit will look exactly the same in Firefox. Advanced users can always use the Source View to hard-code their page.

BlueGriffon is tri-licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1, the GNU General Public License Version 2 and the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1.

The FESTS are Coming

With 80 general sessions, 10 postgres sessions, and 6 tutorials, LinuxFest Northwest will be quite the full weekend of learning and fun. View the accepted sessions.

Call for speakers for SELF 2016 is now open. The deadline for submissions is Friday April 1st at 11:59 PM ET. Click here to submit a talk

— NEWS —

The 4.5 kernel has been released

Linus has released the 4.5 kernel.
“So this is later on a Sunday than my usual schedule, because I just
couldn’t make up my mind whether I should do another rc8 or not, and
kept just waffling about it. In the end, I obviously decided not to,
but it could have gone either way.”
Some of the headline features from the development cycle are
dm-verity forward error
optional mandatory locking,
the new copy_file_range() system
the SOCK_DESTROY operation,
another set of persistent-memory
extended address-space layout randomization
on 32-bit systems,
the MADV_FREE option for
the UBSAN checker tool,
some extensions to
project quotas for the ext4 filesystem,
and more.

Linux 4.6 Staging Has 1600+ Patches, ~400 Patches From Outreachy

So it looks like almost a quarter of the patches are from Outreachy, the group providing paid internships for women and other “underrepresented groups in tech” to work on the Linux kernel and related open-source projects.

XDG-App Is Becoming More Feature Complete

With today’s xdg-app 0.5 release, Alex considers this GNOME sandboxing tech to be feature complete for making it possible for third-parties to create and distribute applications that work across distributions. With this sandboxing, these packaged applications have minimal access to the host as needed for functionality.

Nmap 7.10 Security Scanner Adds Hundreds of OS/Version Fingerprints, New Scripts

“I’m pleased to announce the release of Nmap 7.10 with many great improvements,” says Fyodor in today’s announcement. “It’s got 12 new NSE scripts, hundreds of new OS/version fingerprints, and dozens if smaller improvements and bug fixes. And that’s not even counting the changes in Nmap 7.01, which we released in December 2015.”



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Mail Bag

Emma v. Noah Who: Switching People to Linux

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  • Will take place Sat during Linux Fest NW (Location TBD)
  • Come find Noah let him switch you to Linux and get a free SSD installed.

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