Windows Gets Bash-ed | LAS 411

Windows Gets Bash-ed | LAS 411

Microsoft & Ubuntu working together to bring you Bash & the Ubuntu userland on Windows 10. Is this the ultimate Win for Linux? Or is this Embrace, Extend, Extinguish at its finest? We share our thoughts on this historic announcement.

Plus Red Hat wants to save you some money, TP-Link bans OSS firmwares, Edubuntu calls it quits, our new favorite note taking app for Linux & more!

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Ubuntu Userland on Windows 10

Ubuntu on Windows — The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers

Here’s let’s break it down slowly…

  1. Windows 10 users
  2. Can open the Windows Start menu
  3. And type “bash” [enter]
  4. Which opens a cmd.exe console
  5. Running Ubuntu’s /bin/bash
  6. With full access to all of Ubuntu user space
  7. Yes, that means apt, ssh, rsync, find, grep, awk, sed, sort, xargs, md5sum, gpg, curl, wget, apache, mysql, python, perl, ruby, php, gcc, tar, vim, emacs, diff, patch
  8. And most of the tens of thousands binary packages available in the Ubuntu archives!“So maybe something like a Linux emulator?”

Now you’re getting warmer! A team of sharp developers at Microsoft has been hard at work adapting some Microsoft research technology to basically perform real time translation of Linux syscalls into Windows OS syscalls. Linux geeks can think of it sort of the inverse of “wine” — Ubuntu binaries running natively in Windows. Microsoft calls it their “Windows Subsystem for Linux”. (No, it’s not open source at this time.)

So as part of the engineering work, I needed to wrap the stock Ubuntu root filesystem into a Windows application package (.appx) file for suitable upload to the Windows Store. That required me to use Microsoft Visual Studio to clone a sample application, edit a few dozen XML files, create a bunch of icon .png’s of various sizes, and so on.

Mono Relicensed MIT

At Microsoft Build today, we announced that we are re-releasing Mono under the MIT license and have contributed it to the .NET Foundation. These are major news for Mono developers and contributors, and I am incredibly excited about the opportunities that this will create for the Mono project, and for other projects that will be able to benefit from this.

Red Hat Hyping .NET Support

Red Hat Banner

Get a behind the scenes sneak peek of .NET on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

There is a lot of Microsoft on Linux and LAS sub-reddit these days


Runs Linux


iCarus is provided as a fully assembled device (from December 2015). Just connect it to your car’s radio connector directly (in the case your car uses a standard ISO-10487 connector)

Hotel Sign Runs linux

Desktop App Pick


Simplenote Screenshot

Light, clean, and free. Simplenote is now available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web.

A Simplenote React client packaged in Electron. Learn more about Simplenote at

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Passwords are the keys to our online life, but they are painful to manage securely. We’ve all been told each account should be secured with a strong unique password, but we often fallback for the easy solution: a handful of simple memorizable passwords.

We want to make it even easier to do it right. We want to bring an end to password pain with a simple solution affordable to all: ZenyPass. Help us bridge the last mile by supporting our Kickstarter campaign. Offers start as low as 15€ per unlimited license: no recurring fees, no limitations, on all your devices.

Sent in By Arnaud V.

— NEWS —

No-Cost RHEL Developer Subscription now available

Today, Red Hat announced the availability of a no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux developer subscription, available as part of the Red Hat Developer Program. Offered as a self-supported, development-only subscription, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite provides you with a more stable development platform for building enterprise applications — across cloud, physical, virtual, and container-centric infrastructures. Red Hat SVP Craig Muzilla added some good points in his blog, too.

So, why did we do this? As DevOps processes and agile software methods become the primary means for creating software, it is critical that software developers have access to the same environments and tools during their development phases as they will use when they push out their software into production. Especially as they build applications for cloud environments. And we expect Linux to be key to future success.

To download Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite, which includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 server, a collection of development tools, and much more, you must have an account and need to accept the terms and conditions of the Red Hat Developer Program which provides $0 subscriptions for development use only. Read more about the Red Hat Developers Program.

Router Company Lazily Blocks Open Source Router Firmware, Still Pretends To Value ‘Creativity’

TP-LINK OSS Router Firmware Sumbags

“The FCC requires all manufacturers to prevent user from having any direct ability to change RF parameters (frequency limits, output power, country codes, etc.) In order to keep our products compliant with these implemented regulations, TP-LINK is distributing devices that feature country-specific firmware. Devices sold in the United States will have firmware and wireless settings that ensure compliance with local laws and regulations related to transmission power.”

Edubuntu calling it quits

Edebuntu Screenshot

I’m announcing today that Edubuntu will NOT be releasing a
16.04 LTS version. Instead, Jonathan and I will focus on ongoing support
of Edubuntu 14.04 LTS until it goes EOL in April 2019.

Deployments | Edubuntu

DebianEdu/Skolelinux is an operating system intended for educational use and a Debian Pure Blend . As skole [skuːlə] is the Norwegian word for school, Skolelinux’s literal translation is “school linux”. It has been created as an overall free software computer solution designed to fit on school’s resources and needs and is currently being internationally developed by a large international and growing community.
It is an advanced network solution that provides a terminal server environment suitable to most educational scenarios and it comes with most of its services pre-configured out-of-the-box. It allows both a technical and non-technical installation process depending on the user needs and expertise and highly simplifies middle to large system deployments and configurations.

The ubermix is an all-free, specially built, Linux-based operating system designed from the ground up with the needs of education in mind. Built by educators with an eye towards student and teacher empowerment, ubermix takes all the complexity out of student devices by making them as reliable and easy-to-use as a cell phone, without sacrificing the power and capabilities of a full operating system. With a turn-key, 5 minute installation, 20 second quick recovery mechanism, and more than 60 free applications pre-installed, ubermix turns whatever hardware you have into a powerful device for learning. Learn more…



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