Long Term Disappointment | LINUX Unplugged 142

Long Term Disappointment | LINUX Unplugged 142

This week LTS has a new meaning as we reflect on a couple of weeks with Ubuntu 16.04 & why we’re dumping it.

We pick up the mood with some exclusive LinuxFest Northwest clips, projects updates & another clip that was never meant to air.



Linux Academy

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Firefox 46 Released, Finally Brings GTK3 Integration – OMG! Ubuntu!

Among the changes to ship in Firefox 46:

  • GTK3 integration on Linux
  • Security improvements of the Just In Time (JIT) compiler
  • Improved decoding of unencrypted H.264 & AAC media
  • Better WebRTC performance
  • Responsive web mode dev feature now easier to access

Firefox and Thunderbird: A Fork in the Road

Firefox and Thunderbird have reached a fork in the road: it’s now the right time for them to part ways on both a technical and organizational level.

Magic happens with the Ubuntu tablet

The second the Ubuntu Tablet connects to the wireless mouse, it switches over to desktop mode. That’s when the real “magic” happens. All of a sudden I’m working on a tablet that is in full multitasking mode. Windows act like windows…in the traditional sense


LFNW 2016 The Stuff You Didn’t See in LAS

Speakers from all areas of tech, and talks covering the full gamut of experience, from newbie to guru.

  • Clips from our crazy Saturday


Linux Academy

Ubuntu 16.04 Review Follow Up

  • Issues we ran into over the weekend
  • Instability we have seen on multiple machines
  • Why we are not using 16.04 anymore.

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