Flavorless Mint | LUP 144

Flavorless Mint | LUP 144

Is a new wave of tech savvy Linux users coming? Chris makes his case & why distributions like Linux Mint won’t be ready for it.

Plus updates from some of our favorite projects, Linux on the PS4 & a quick look at the Fedora 24 beta.



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Follow Up / Catch Up

Linux Running on Playstation 4 Revealed By Hacker Fail overflow, Playstation Jailbreak Could Actually Boost Sales of the Console!

Therefore, when hackers announced earlier in December that it is possible to jailbreak the PlayStation 4, it came out as quite an achievement. This step has been taken further by another group of hackers name failoverflow. They have jailbroken a PS4 and further loaded it with Linux.

Sony Orbis OS is run by the Sony console and it is based on Linux FreeBSD. It was further reported by Engadget that this hack exploits the Webkit bug in order to gain access to the kernel. It also works on Orbis version 1.74. It is also a much older version than the current 3.11 on the PS4. Moreover, the bug has since been patched.

However, it seems like the hacker group’s method can be tailored to further work on future consoles. The first thing done by the group during the jailbreak demonstration was running a Game Boy Advance emulator on the Linux PS4. At the same time, they fired up a copy of Pokemon Emerald.

Solus to Offer Users a Brand-New and Modern Graphical Package Manager

“There is no getting around the fact that the Software Center in Solus 1.1 sucks,” said Josh Strobl. “Software discoverability and ease-of-use for installation of software is incredibly important to us and we want to tackle it with urge__ncy. So we’re doing something about it now, this cycle, and it is going to be amazing.”

SSL Certificate Expired – Manjaro Linux

Our SSL certificate has once again expired. We are waiting for a new one to be issued (while also looking at more sustainable alternatives, i.e. Let’s Encrypt). If you’re having problems accessing any of the sites please use a different browser profile, or Private/Incognito Browsing. You will then be able to add a temporary exception.

Kind regards,
The Manjaro Development Team


Dogfooding Unity 8

Fedora 24 Beta released!

This new release also features GNOME 3.20. There have been changes to the theming API in GTK+ 3. At this time the API is under heavy development and will not remain stable. As a result, applications that use custom CSS theming for example, may have rendering issues. This could include default applications that come with Fedora 24 Beta Workstation. We request that users try out their favorite GTK+ 3 based applications and report bugs to the upstream developers so they can be fixed in time for the final release.


Linux Mint: Too Big to Fail?

Linux Mint 18 will no longer provide separate, codec-free installation media for OEM and magazine distribution. Instead, the distribution will ship without multimedia support while making it easy for users to acquire media codecs during the initial installation of the operating system. “OEM installation disks and NoCodec images will no longer be released. Instead, similar to other distributions, images will ship without codecs and will support both traditional and OEM installations. This will reduce our release cycle to 4 separate events and the production and testing of 12 ISO images. Multimedia codecs can be installed easily: From the welcome screen, by clicking on “Multimedia Codecs”, or from the main menu, by clicking on “Menu”->”Sound and Video”->”Install Multimedia Codecs”, or during the installation process, by clicking a checkbox option.” Additional information on the upcoming release of Linux Mint 18 can be found in the project’s monthly newsletter.

Why Mint? We checked the Internet and….

When I reflect on why I’ve chosen Mint over Ubuntu in recent years, it came down to:

  • Seriously disliking Unity. (But now I can install Cinnamon packages on Ubuntu easily.)

  • Easy ability to play DVD’s. (But it just got a tiny bit harder; not significantly.)

  • Wanting to give Shuttleworth the middle finger regarding forcing Unity down people’s throats. (But I think my finger has now been extended long enough.)

  • The Linux Mint Blog » Blog Archive » Monthly News – April 2016

As part of the “xapps” initiative, which aims to produce cross-desktop and cross-distribution software, we also released the following applications:

  • A media player based on totem, called xplayer.
  • A text editor based on pluma, called xed.
  • A picture viewer based on eog, called xviewer.
  • A document reader based on atril, called xreader.

Linux Academy

Krita 2016: Let’s Make Text and Vector Art Awesome! by Krita Foundation

Krita is the free and open source painting application used by artists all over the world. Let’s create awesome text and vector tools!

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