Into the Crossfire | STOked 89

Into the Crossfire | STOked 89

Season 4 of Star Trek Online is nearly here, and the guys chat about the new features they personally are looking forward to. Plus in this week’s MATH segment, learn the ins and outs of the Efficiency!

Then we wrap the show with kicking off a new foundry review segment, called the Found Files. We’ve assembled a dedicated foundry review team, and we introduce to them and review two epic foundry missions!

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Show Notes:


STO Calender Updated
July 2011:

*6th – 8th Season 4: Crossfire
*21st – 23rd Cadet Uniforms (C-Store)

Our most anticipated Season 4 features:

*Faster ability execution on ground.
*Improved textures.


*UI responsiveness as a whole
*Foundry improvements / assets
*An excuse to replay content (Ground Combat 2.0)
Pre-patching has been enabled! Season 4 will be here NEXT WEEK!

New Variants on the way
Super Mega Cool Picture
Tribble Weekend is ON!

Tricobalt Grenade Launcher?!

Star Trek Reunion, Ep 1 (and their blog)

Tweet Leaks? (actually Forum News)
Gozer now has a radio show on
Map of new Qo’nos
Gorn updates still in progress
Ogen (Infected Mini-Boss) now heals himself?

Cardassian Upgrades have appeared on Tribble!
And a new dialog Easter Egg about Capt Kurland
Before / After pic

Email from Al Rivera, mini-Math!

I can find no problem with either the player of BOff version of the Efficient trait.

The player version adds +10 to Auxiliary, Engine, Shield and Weapons Efficiency Stats, and the BOff version adds +5.  That’s not +10/+5 to power levels, that to the stat, as though you were buying this skill. The Efficiency stats add more power to your systems the lower your power levels. So you gain more of a bonus if you power level is low.

Here is the formula:
(StatStarship_X_Efficiency/300)*(75 – Y_PowerLevel)
(100 / 300) * (75 – 25) =

Where X= Auxiliary, Engine, Shield or Weapons Efficiency Stats; and Y=the corresponding power system level. Note, this formula affects all Efficiency stat values, not just those gained by the Efficiency Traits.

The net results are very small and the UI may round your numbers down, so you may not see the bonus, especially with high power levels.

These values are old and have not changed in some time.  I verified today that they are working – at least in Season 4 they are working.  So if for some reason there is some other odd problem on holodeck right now that I am unaware of, it should be resolved by season 4.

Foundry Files by Jupiter Force:

Old Top 5 vs New Top 5
OLD: The Worst of All Worlds vs NEW: The Spirits of Ramok Nor

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