Allan Jude

Current Shows: BSDNow

Past Shows: TechSNAP, Linux Action Show

Why you are passionate about the subjects covered in your show?
I’ve always liked to talk shop, and to learn about the latest things in my field (Unix sysadmin). The show helps me keep current by giving me an excuse to research things that I might otherwise not make time for. I really enjoy my work and feel lucky that I get to do something I love every day.

What you like to do in your free time?
What free time? My friends and I try to get together to watch a movie or two a few times a month. Most of the free time I make for my self is spent going to technical conferences, because they are like an 2-3 day interactive episode of TechSNAP, talking shop with people who do interesting things. I also enjoy skiing and indoor rock climbing.

How you found Jupiter Broadcasting?
JB had moved its chatroom to my servers a while back, but I had never paid them much attention. One day the room had an unusually high number of people in it, so I stopped in to see what was going on. Before I could figure out what was going on, some random person named ‘Jeremy’asked “What is the name of Captain Archer’s Dog?”, so which I immediately replies “Porthos”. As it turns out, I had stumbled into a trivia contest and I had in fact won a closed-beta invite to Star Trek Online. Over the next few days as the JupiterForce guild started to come together, I donated hosting for a TeamSpeak server, so we could all chat while playing. I eventually took over hosting the Jupiter Colony site when the old web host shut the site down for being too busy. And then I eventually took over hosting the main site, the live stream, the episode downloads and more. Somewhere in there, I also got asked about doing a show.

Ambitions or future projects you are excited about?
ScaleEngine is growing nicely and we are implementing a number of new features, including converting all of our servers of ‘Root-on-ZFS’ with Boot Environments. I am also working on a spare time project to develop a workaround for a shortcoming in the LACP protocol to make better use of multiple gigabit network links between storage servers.

Your favorite episode you’ve done so far?
I think one of my favourite episodes was “TechSNAP 93 – Red October Hunts you”

Getting to go in to detail on one of the most complex bits of malware ever seen was really interesting. Although some of my favourite episodes of TechSNAP are where I get to explain some cool technology, like RAID or the complexities of taking proper backups.

How you prefer people to contact you?
I am fairly active on Twitter (@AllanJude) and a bit on G+ ( but you can also email me at