Chris Fisher

Current Shows: Coder Radio, Linux Action News, Linux Unplugged, Unfilter, User Error

Past Shows: Beer is Tasty, Computer Action Show, FauxShow, Joint Failures, Jupiter@Nite, Legend of the Stoned Owl, Linux Action Show, Plan B, SciByte, STOked, TechSNAP, Tech Talk Today.

Why you are passionate about the subjects covered in your show?
It’s a great time to be new media. The Internet is changing everything, new opportunities that were never possible for independent content smart people really care about.

What you like to do in your free time?
Stare at bitcoin trackers.

How you found Jupiter Broadcasting?
Funny story.. I had this idea one day…

Ambitions or future projects you are excited about?
Making it better and better, every day.

Your favorite episode you’ve done so far?
I love all my shows equally.

How you prefer people to contact you?
Twitter! @ChrisLAS