Kris Moore

Past Shows: BSDNow

Why you are passionate about the subjects covered in your show?
I’m a big fan of BSD software and have been involved in the PC-BSD project since its inception. I think that diversity in the software world is a good thing, and will put the BSD license on top of all other comers when it comes to the simplicity and freedom it offers.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Between having a family and our 5 kids, I’m a pretty busy guy. However I have been, and always will be a video game fan and movie buff. I’m also in the process of learning to play Bass guitar and really enjoying a musical slice of life now.

How did you find Jupiter Broadcasting?
I first heard of Jupiter Broadcasting through Allan Jude, my co-host. I had met him at a Trade Show (BSDCan if I recall), and he told me about the Tech Snap podcast. About a year later he asked if I wanted to help him with BSDNow, and the rest, they say, is history.

What are ambitions or future projects you are excited about
Since my day job is working on the PC-BSD project, it is what fuels most of my future plans and ambitions. I’ve been very excited about some of the recent changes we’ve made in our upcoming 10.x series. In particular I’m looking forward to the future of doing more with ZFS and “bhyve” on Free/PC-BSD.

What is your favorite episode you’ve done so far?
So far my favorite episode would have to be number 14, our ZFS extravaganza. ZFS is one of the technologies which is fueling much innovation in the BSD space right now. Our tutorial and interview barely scratched the surface, but hopefully piqued a lot of interest in the future of file-systems.

How do you prefer people to contact you?
I’m not much for social media, rather old-school that way, so the best method is via my e-mail “”