Noah Chelliah

Current Shows: Ask Noah

Past Shows: Linux Action Show

Why you are passionate about the subjects covered in your show?
As IT professionals we are routinely trusted to find the best solutions for our clients and of course for our friends and families. I ask myself every morning, “if everyone was using one of the challengers to Linux do I think they’d be better off?” I’m always left with a pit in my stomach. On the flip side though, when I think about a world where everyone runs Linux on their desktops and laptops that pit quickly turns to butterflies and excitement.

What you like to do in your free time?
In the winter I’m an active ham radio operator. In the summer as a certified firearms instructor and someone who loves the outdoors, I’m forced to split my time between the gun range, camping at lake, and waterskiing with my wife and two kids.

How you found Jupiter Broadcasting?
I was in an online argument and the other person cited an episode of The Linux Action Show. I remember thinking to myself, “An entire show dedicated to Linux and I’m not riveted to my TV every week? Drastic changes are in order!”

Ambitions or future projects you are excited about?
I’m excited to travel for the show! I’ve always attended Linux events from a working professionals point of view. This forces me to spend my time thinking about which clients could benefit from the presentations rather than concentrating on which projects are benefiting the community as a whole and thus, which projects I would organically be interested in.

Your favorite episode you’ve done so far?
Traveling to Seattle is always fun. The opportunity to work in studio with Chris is something I always enjoy. Shooting my first episode followed by a pleasant surprise of guest hosting for the Faux Show was a great experience especially when it was the middle piece of the Linux Action Show Sandwich

How you prefer people to contact you?
It probably seems old fashion but I’m a huge fan of email. It allows me to prioritize, consolidate, and keep record of all my communication. You can email me at noah [at] I’m active on Twitter as @Kernellinux and Facebook I have a G+ profile that I’m checking more and more.