Paige Hubbell

Past Shows: Women's Tech Radio

Why you are passionate about the subjects covered in your show?
Having a career in technology has opened amazing doors in my life despite my non-traditional journey into it. By showcasing other women in technology roles I’m hoping to help irradiate the idea that tech is only “for guys”. Also, beyond that, the people on our show are doing amazing things with technology and have incredible journey that have gotten them where they are, and that transcends gender and can be an inspiration for anyone who might be considering getting into tech.

What you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I’m an aspiring Paleo cook, motorcycle enthusiast, board game geek, video game nerd, and all around jack of all trades. If I’m not learning to do something new, I’m not happy.

How did you find Jupiter Broadcasting?
I first found Jupiter Broadcasting when it was just the Linux Action Show, I started watching inside the first few episodes since I was just getting into Linux and wanted to learn everything I could.

Ambitions or future projects you are excited about?
My long term plan is to build myself an ironman suit. For now though I’m working as a founding member of Code Guild Agency and having a blast building a firm where the involvement in and creation of community takes a front row seat.

Your favorite episode you’ve done so far?
I don’t think I could really pick a favourite. The stories are all so unique and amazing that I’m inspired every time we sit down and record an interview.

How you prefer people to contact you?
Email is hands down the best way to catch me. Hit me up at