Jupiter Broadcasting is the collective summation of our passions and countless hours of hard work since 2008. At the helm of this ambitious mission of providing informed and entertaining independent content is myself, Chris Fisher.

We’ve seen explosive growth over the last couple years and are sincerely privileged to have some of the best viewers online in our audience. We are proud of what we have accomplished in our free time but you'll love what we can do when we can dedicate ourselves full time.

As with most rapid growth and continued growth, we find ourselves reaching a point that is often the breaking point for many ambitious startups. We’re up against an age old foe of time and money, and we’re hoping with your help we can break through this wall. We want to continue to build an entirely media organization that answers only to its passions and audience.

I’d like to take a moment and ask you to consider “investing” in this future. If you’ve enjoyed the content created by Jupiter Broadcasting, consider a monthly contribution of an amount and duration you are comfortable with.

Although we do have some sponsors, your support helps us keep them minimal and our ad spots non-intrusive, and allows us to be selective in the sponsors we choose.

Automatic Monthly Support:

Our hard work and efforts to provide free content will continue and we have you to thank for helping us make it happen!