JB Mumble Server Info

  • Address:
  • Port: 64734
  • Username: whatever you want

Once Connected:

  • Enter the “Join Queue” channel by double-clicking the title of the channel. You will then be staged by a Mod in the “Staging” channel.

Staging Process:

  • Push To Talk: P2T is required because it is the best way to guarantee that sounds will not be picked up on accident and thus inadvertently make it into the show.
  • Headset: this is required in order to eliminate feedback & echos from other Mumblers. You don’t have to use a headset, headphones will work fine…you just can’t use normal speakers as that guarantees feedback. (You also won’t notice this as in your own testing, it is only noticeable by the other people in the channel, this is why Staging is necessary.)

Speaking up during a Show:

In the main chat room (not the Mumble chat) flag Chris with:

ChrisLAS Mum: brief description of what you want to say.

For a more comprehensive guide, check out the offical Mumble Setup Guide.