Boosts are a new way to send value into the shows while including a personal message. We feature as many Boosts as we can on the shows as a thank you, and to add a bit of value to your Boost.

Boosts use the Lightning Network. Free software that makes it possible to send value to anywhere in the world instantly, for exceptionally low fees.

Ways to Boost

First you’ll need some sats and there are many ways get them. If you’re in the US the simplest way we know of is to use the Strike app and outside the US BlueWallet. See below for a privacy focused method as well.

Once you have acquired your sats, you send them to a Podcasting 2.0 compatible app.

We recommend:

  • Fountain - Android, Web, iOS
  • Castamatic - iOS
  • Breez - Android, iOS (Not a Podcast app, so you don’t have to switch!)
  • Podverse - Android, F-Droid, Web, iOS
  • BoostCLI - Command-line tool to send and review Podcasting 2.0 Value (also not a podcast app).
  • Alby - Lightning for your Browser. A great project, works great with Podverse too.

The “Value for Value” Model

Jupiter Broadcasting is an independent media company focusing on niche topics our community loves. We understand that means we won’t get a million downloads per episode, and we’re probably never going viral on social media. But our community finds value in our work, and your support keeps us going.

The listener is asked to share the value they get from listening to the podcast. This usually means sending a boost or becoming a Member. Boosts can be a quick one-off, or an ongoing way to send value into the show and get your voice heard.

Some of our favorite Boosts are ones that get us thinking and talking. They often can bring something new and random to the episode we would have never planned.

Alternative contributions are also welcome. Examples include participating in our Mumble room, helping out in our community, sharing an episode with friends, and many more.

Podcasting 2.0

Podcasting 2.0 is an umbrella term that covers a collection of initiatives to advance podcasting technology and to decentralize podcasting, taking control of the medium out of the hands of large technology companies.

The front of that effort is the Podcast Index. The Podcast Index is an open directory of podcasts that anyone can submit to, and that any app can search. The Podcast Index exists to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem.

One of the areas of Podcasting 2.0 development Jupiter Broadcasting is following closely is the effort around the podcast namespace.

The broad goal is to create a single, compact, efficient namespace that is easily extensible, community controlled/authored and addresses the needs of the independent podcast industry now and in the future.

Podcasting 2.0 Apps

Podcasting Apps that support Podcasting 2.0 features can be found at

Grab a Podcasting 2.0 compatible app with tons of new features like: Boostagrams, Chapters, Hosts info, Sat Streaming, Search, Value, and clips.

Much gratitude to our friends at:

Further Exploration

Private Sats (aka advanced mode)

  • RoboSats - Web via TOR
  • Hodl Hodl - Outside the US, a private multisig P2P Bitcoin trading platform