3: JavaScript != Assembly

25 June 2012

Some have called JavaScript the “Assembly Language for the Web”. Is this an insane argument, or is there some truth that we should acknowledge? Plus we lay down the first blocks in our new open source Jupiter Broadcasting community app. Then Michael shares a great tool for beginners or longtimers looking to refresh their skills. And we’ve got a big patch of your feedback, and much more!

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  • JB project licensing clarification
  • A number of junior devs would like to know about getting involved in open-source.
  • A lot of you would like more resources geared toward beginners.
  • Scot asks if we could/should use Google Drive to host a community project?
  • John reminds us of ‘dark matter developers’
  • About that community project…
  • About those code snippets…

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The Argument

But wait! What is JavaScript anyway?

  • Papa ECMA
  • Isn’t JavaScript related to Java
  • Classical vs Prototype inheritance

So how did things ever get so bad?

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JB Project Announcement

Tool of the week