6: 20,000 Leagues Under Java!

16 July 2012

Michael and Chris discuss the current state of lower level development, using C and other low level languages as a window into the deepest parts of software development. Plus your great feedback, and more!

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  • Emett wants to know if there is a development or scripting solution to have to repave mutiple boxes quickly.

  • Stefan is interested in hearing more about desktop development and is working on a panel in Xlib and Python.

  • Daniel, is interested in recursion.

  • Some passionate reactions to the piracy issues.


  • Mike attempts to rescue a Google+ friend from the jaws of GMAIL’s TOS… and fails.

Low Level 101


  • Generally, the lower you go the more efficient your code.
  • C will have a much faster startup time than higher level languages
  • More portable than you might think….
  • Higher level languages Java in particular have been inching closer and closer to C / C++ running speed

For All You Snakes Out There

Danger in Deep

  • Think before you dive
  • Memory management
  • Development time++
  • GCC / LLVM — make sure you never go it alone
  • Proprietary extensions…. Bad for the web — bad for native code

The Horror! The Horror

  • Tubsta shares his horror story

Project Update

Book Pick

Tool of the Week