9: Development Bootcamp for CS Grads

6 August 2012

By popular demand we have specially tailored an episode for fresh computer scientists who are about to enter the development arena. Things are different here, but if you follow some simple guidelines, you’ll have a much better time started out. This episode is all about those little things academia forgot.

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  • Emmet has made his own solution and put it on Github — and David recommends Uranos for him.
  • A number of you still love Codeacademy.com
  • Rellon is moving from Windows to Linux development and has fallen in love with Ruby (good choice). He would like some Ruby resources.
  • Adam says he’s loves the show (Awesome BTW!) but is having something of a problem wrapping his head around the arcane world of software licences. GPL? BSD? MIT? Apache? What does it all mean?
  • Pablo suggests we take a look at test driven development and unit testing one day — not a bad idea.
  • Fernando asks how I stay focussed enough on side commercial projects to actually complete them; I wonder if he likes tomatoes?
  • Colin says, “I see your email written in C and raise you a message in Haskell”. Yes, he wrote the email in Haskell.

PSA on Manners and the Real World

First Rule About Source Control: USE IT!!!

  • Everything in Source control no exceptions!
  • Centralised vs distributed?
  • Gui or command line?
  • Commit message formatting?

I Regret to Inform You that the Compiler is Almost Always Right

  • Don’t start with assumption that there is a bug in the vendor’s compiler / framework…
  • Having trouble? Consider writing test…
  • Test before you push, please….

Forget About Being Perfect, Be Good Enough and Get the Job Done

  • Don’t waste a week writing a “perfect” algorithm when a less perfect one will meet your needs and take significantly less time.
  • To that point it is almost always a good idea to use accepted solutions / algorithms for most problems you will encounter, rather than rolling your own.

Code Journal Experiment Update

The Horror!

  • This one is all too common…

JB Community App Update!

Book of the Week

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