1: The First One

12 September 2019

You've been wanting to host a Nextcloud instance (or anything else) for your family for a while now. Where on Earth do you start? We share some hard learned lessons about self-hosting, discuss the most important things to consider when building a home server and Chris gives Alex a hard time about Arch as a Server OS.

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  • [Your preferred Linux “server” OS?](https://www.reddit.com/r/selfhosted/comments/cpiz8s/your_preferred_linux_server_os/ “Your preferred Linux “server” OS?”) — I currently host a bunch of services inside of Docker containers. Had been using Ubuntu Server, but I felt like the OS is kind of bloated and I wanted to try some new things so I switched to Alpine. Alpine is a bit too minimalistic for my tastes and I’ve run into some compatibility issues with it (even when using it just as a Docker host). At this point I’m planning on staying with a Linux OS and with Docker as the way I run my actual services, just not sure of what I want to actually use next.
  • Wireless Security Camera System - EufyCam E Review — What’s the best wireless security camera system? Here’s my EufyCam E review, which covers my main criteria for a good camera system: battery-operated, easy to setup, good image quality, no subscription fees, local storage, and integrations with my smart home.
  • Ending Note by TouchRemix