332: Before Coder

7 November 2018

We answer how Chris and Mike started in independent contracting, and the lessons changes they’d make with some perspective of time.

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  • Mac mini
  • Thelio
  • ASP.NET Core Ditching .NET Framework — Microsoft yesterday (Oct. 29) said that going forward, ASP.NET Core 3.0 – the Web framework part of the “Core” platform offerings – will only run on the base NET Core 3.0 platform, not the traditional .NET Framework that has been a Windows-only mainstay for some 16 years.
  • Erick Roberts on Twitter — “@dominucco I went way back in the @coderradioshow archives hoping to get some back story on how you and Chris both started your independent contractor lives. Can you or @ChrisLAS point me to a blog post or a podcast episode. It cuts me off at episode 55.”
  • Gogh — Color Scheme for Gnome Terminal and Pantheon Terminal