15: Linux Action News

19 August 2017

A big batch of Debian updates, Gnome turns 20, Joe's report from OggCamp, the Solus trifecta, encrypted ZFS comes to Linux finally, and Bitcoin is forking, again.

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  • GNOME turns 20 — There have been 33 stable releases since the initial release of GNOME 1.0 in 1999.
  • Debian turns 24
  • Raspbian Stretch has arrived for Raspberry Pi — PulseAudio is therefore no longer installed by default, and the volume plugin on the taskbar will no longer start and stop PulseAudio.
  • Work on Debian for mobile devices continues — Work on Debian for mobile devices, i.e. telephones, tablets, and handheld computers, continues. During the recent DebConf17 in Montréal, Canada, more than 50 people had a meeting to reconsider opportunities and challenges for Debian on mobile devices.
  • Lineage summer survey — The survey is really simple and we won’t collect any sensitive information.
  • Solus 3 Released — On behalf of the Solus team and community, we’re extremely proud to announce the immediate availability of Solus 3. This is the third iteration of Solus since our move to become a rolling release operating system.
  • ZFS On Linux Adds Encryption Support — This support allows creating and managing natively-encrypted datasets. There have been ZOL patches going back months for encryption
  • Bitcoin Is Forking. Again. — Three months from now, there will likely be three different versions of bitcoin all attempting to prepare the currency for more traffic in different ways.
  • Henry Brade Call for a Fight Against SegWit2x on Twitter — The SegWit2X hard fork scheduled for Nov is an attempted hostile corporate takeover of the #Bitcoin protocol.