25: Linux Action News

28 October 2017

Big changes coming to Linux Mint, hope for ZFS upstream in Linux, and Mozilla helps out TOR. Plus how Russia may help legitimize cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Solus makes a call for help.

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  • Mint to add Flatpak support — The project says the upcoming release of Linux Mint 18.3 will come with “full support” for Flatpak out of the box. This will include integration with the Linux Mint Software Manager.
  • Drop KDE edition — The Linux Mint crew has confirmed today they will be discontinuing future releases of their KDE spin following next month’s Linux Mint 18.3 release.
  • Oracle Could Still Make ZFS A First-Class Upstream Linux File-System — Mark wants to see ZFS become a core part of Linux. He wants it to become “the file-system of Linux” and “that could happen” for “core Linux.” He later said, “it’s a possibility… but I can’t say how strong of a possibility,” that includes talking with Oracle lawyers about the code license of both ZFS and Solaris.
  • Open ZFS File-System Running On Windows
  • Google Play Protect isn’t very good at spotting malware — When exposed to recent Android malware samples, six of the 20 software suites sampled correctly flagged every single one as evil and prevented them from running. Eight more managed a 99 per cent or higher hit rate. Google’s own system, Play Protect, only detected 65.8 per cent of threats.
  • Mozilla helps out TOR and so can you — Today we’re launching our end-of-year crowdfunding campaign, “Powering Digital Resistance,” highlighting Tor’s work protecting essential human rights around the world. As part of this end-of-year campaign, Mozilla is matching donations up to a total of $500,000 – so your donation to the Tor Project will go twice as far!
  • Solus looking for help with aesthetics for Solus 4 — If you wanna help us improve the default experience for the next ISO, or you’ve some mad creative skills, let us know!
  • Steam VR Marketshare Already Larger Than Steam Linux Marketshare — Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais‏ who is heavily involved in their Linux efforts as well as those around virtual reality has commented the VR market-share is already larger than the entire Steam Linux market-share.
  • Putin Will Require Cryptocurrency Miners to Register With the Government — After months of conflicting statements, Russia has finally outlined its plan for cryptocurrencies.