6: Peer to Peer Future

10 June 2022

Outdoor networking adventures, new decentralized tools we're building, and a great chat with one of the co-founders of Podverse - an impressive open-source Podcasting 2.0 app.

Direct Download: MP3 | Video | YouTube
  • JupiterTube — Live streams and special events.
  • VDO.Ninja Trampoline — This form is just a URL simplification trampoline, i.e., it takes a few intuitive URL parameters and redirects to the underlying complex technical URL of VDO.Ninja. It allows you to control VDO.Ninja parameters at a central place while being able to use clean, intuitive and stable URLs for both the presenters and OBS Studio.
  • Vingester — Vingester (Video ingester, /ˈvɪnˈdʒɛster/) is a small, Open Source licensed, Electron-based, desktop application for use under Windows, macOS or Linux to run multiple Chromium-based Web browser instances and ingesting their rendered Web Contents as screen/window-captured or NDI-multicasted or FFmpeg-based video streams for further use in local or remote video mixing applications or for local recording.
  • Raspberry_ninja — Turn your Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Jetson into a ninja-cam with hardware-acceleration enabled! This lets you publish live streaming video and audio directly to your web browser or OBS instance using VDO.Ninja. Achieve very low streaming latency over the Internet or a LAN; all for free.
  • electroncapture: Playback video in a frameless electron app for screen-sharing and window capture — Created for VDO.Ninja users, it can provide users a clean way of window capturing websites. In the case of VDO.Ninja, it may offer a more flexible and reliable method of capturing live video than the browser source plugin built into OBS.
  • Issue tracking for Jupiter Broadcasting’s peertube — Issue tracking for Jupiter Broadcasting’s peertube instance at https://jupiter.tube/
  • PeerTube 4.2 — Editing videos from the web interface, detailed viewers stats for videos, ability to adjust latency during a live broadcast and much more… Let’s look around and see what it brings us!
  • JupiterTube Matrix Chatroom — Join our JupiterTube Operations chat room on Matrix.
  • Podverse — Open source podcast app. Available for iOS, Android, F-Droid, and web.
  • Office Hours on Podverse
  • @Podverse on Twitter
  • Podverse on GitHub
  • Alby - Bitcoin Lightning Wallet — The Bitcoin Lightning wallet for direct payments across the globe, Bitcoin Lightning applications and passwordless logins. Alby is a wallet to send and receive Bitcoin payments with your normal browser on the Bitcoin Lightning Network with ease.
  • HP Dev One — From preinstalled Linux Pop!_OS to a tuned Linux keyboard with a Super key, HP Dev One is designed with powerful features and tools to help you code your way.
  • HP Dev One Unboxing - JupiterTube — I clipped the video of the HP Dev One unboxing from Office Hours, just in case you’d like to take a peek!
  • Umbrel 0.5 — This is Umbrel 0.5. A beautiful personal server OS that makes self-hosting accessible for everyone. And our biggest update to Umbrel yet.
  • Umbrel ☂️ on Twitter — A whole new look. Realtime app updates. App permissions, dependencies, and authentication. Official Bitcoin & Lightning node apps. Oh, and dark mode.
  • Boost: Grab a New Podcast App — Send a Boost into the show with a Podcasting 2.0 compatible app.