59: I Tried to Love Portainer

3 December 2021

We try out a couple of very popular Docker GUI's and report back, and discuss our biggest Self-Hosted regrets.

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  • Join the Jupiter Broadcasting Matrix — I mean might as well!
  • LINUX Unplugged 433: The Lessons of Jellyfin — We revisit some old assumptions about the open-source Plex-alternative, Jellyfin. We each try it out, and along the way, gain a few insights about open source.
  • Portainer — Accelerate container adoption and reduce time-to-value on Docker and Kubernetes with a smart, self-service management portal, allowing you to deliver containerized applications from the data centre to the edge
  • lazydocker — The lazier way to manage everything docker. A simple terminal UI for both docker and docker-compose, written in Go with the gocui library.
  • lazydocker screenshots
  • Dozzle — Dozzle is a real-time log viewer for docker containers.
  • What’s New In Docker Compose v2? — Docker Compose v2 was announced at DockerCon 2021. It promises big changes to the Compose experience by integrating it into the docker CLI. v2 also comes with new convenience features to help you manage your container stacks.
  • Monolithic docker-compose files filtered with profiles — This post will provide an overview of using profiles with docker-compose to address multiple services within a monolithic file.
  • 1.4 Display Port KVM Switch — Have you ever wanted a KVM switch that doesn’t suck, supports DisplayPort 1.4 (3840x2160@120hz / 8k @ 30hz ) and USB3? Listen. No KVM is perfect BUT our customers tell us – The Level1Techs KVMs are pretty darn good.