13: Unlucky 13

3 September 2012

Michael and Chris discuss what to do when things go wrong. When should you abandon ship? When should you try to land your project in the Hudson? Plus: Java\’s had a bad week, but are we overlooking it\’s positive aspects?

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  • Charles writes in to give his two cents on the advantages learning C and shares some great training resources.

+ https://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC6B940F08B9773B9F – Buckland’s COMP1917 + https://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC0C5D85DBA20E685C – COMP1927 + https://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC0C5D85DBA20E685C – COMP2911 + https://www1.idc.ac.il/tecs/ + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtXvUoPx4Qs – intro to the course + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlPj5Rg1y2w – Google Tech Talk

  • A lot of passionate feedback regarding Niklas FOSS / OSS conundrum.
  • Christopher writes in to tell me that not all listeners are devs and that he likes the business side. So HA Youtube!
  • To C or not to C — a lot of your care… .a lot.
  • Simon writes in to share some great game development stuff:
  • Keith writes to ask ‘where is the web development (PHP in particular) and where is the Windows love?’
  • Sven writes in an awesome webpage with a billboard style message! He asks if we think self taught programmers are better at thinking outside of the box than traditional CS grads?
  • David needs some advice on a distributed African system
  • Toislav writes in to tell me that Flash is not dead yet! In fact, Adobe AIR seems to have a thriving community — especially in the games space.
  • Code Snippet for MHazzel

This Week’s Dev World Hoopla

Burned By Some Hot Java

  • ZOMG Java is going to destroy our machines! or so say the blogs…
  • What do the Java security issues mean for web developers?
  • Desktop developers?
  • So why would I still go with Java today?
    • Right once one everywhere (sort of)
    • Development ease
    • Inexpensive help
  • Project Looking Glass – YouTube

A Little Bird Bit Me!

  • What happens when you build your great product on someone else’s platform and they say ‘thanks but no thanks’
  • App.net the great gray hope?
  • Whose app is it anyway?

Shot Down

  • Your app is live — then it’s not! What do you do?
  • You’ve been gathering metrics right?
  • Do you have some way to contact your users?
  • Data issue? You have a manual way to fix that, right?

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