15: iSad

17 September 2012

Chris and Mike take a look at joining an open source project, the formerly brown Ubuntu as a developer platform. Dell is getting ready to launch Sputnik, but should you jump on board or take a big old bite of a Macintosh? Plus should the release of the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 turn developer heads?

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  • Jay writes in to report that I have swayed him on his views on piracy in 20,000 Leagues Under Java.
    • About Windows Phone 8
    • A few anonymous writers write in with tales of ‘Imposter’s Syndrome’
    • A number of listeners ask: ‘why don’t you get a Fire and root it?’
    • David writes in to let us know that he went with CouchDB and is happy with it!

This Week’s Dev World Hoopla

My Week Working in Ubuntu As a Dev Box

  • The death of the air…
  • The Sputnik developer experience
  • My dev stack on Ubuntu
  • Why Ubuntu over Mac?

The Open-Source Inductee’s Oath

  • Geary
  • Ok, how do I volunteer for open-source?

Vala — A Hidden Gem

  • Syntax similar to C#
  • Compiles down to C, then compiles with the system’s native compiler (ie gcc)
  • Can be freely mixed with C

Book of the Week

Tool of the Week