18: The Javascript Problem

8 October 2012

Mike and Chris take a walk down a dangerous and controversial road — the state of Javascript in modern web development. Plus a frank look at TypeScript, blaming developers, your emails, and much more.

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  • Jay wants to know how the Android update cycle and the device manufacturers’ different versions of Android affect developers.
  • Carlo’s email
  • Isak asks what we think about Typescript
  • Charles writes in with some more info on Haskell
  • Matt shares an interesting article about Adobe
  • Matt (diff Matt?) is working on an iOS app that will have a server backend component and is wondering how to make a profit on the app — given the hosting costs over time.

This Week’s Dev World Hoopla

The Language Itself

  • No classical inheritance.
  • Too loose


  • Too stupid / lazy??
  • Too sloppy??

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