21: Like a Hurricane

29 October 2012

Mike and Chris discuss the value and challenges of owning and supporting the infrastructure your project depends on vs. using popular cloud hosting services. Plus is the Microsoft Surface an ideal platform for independent developers, or is it just too far behind the iPad to matter? We discuss that, Google’s App Engine outage, and much more!

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  • Lots of feedback on our guest last week, Ben.
  • Froi writes in to let us know that he loved the last CR and thinks we should have more guests on from different dev worlds. Also, he asks why I don’t recommend shipping solutions on Node.js.
  • Angus clarifies that LGPL as it compares to the GPL
  • Robin’s been porting the JB plugin to Safari

Dev World Hoopla

Software Pricing

  • What is the ‘race to the bottom’
  • But aren’t we making it up on volume?
  • On the Apple Mac App Store the mode top grossing price for an app is $20
  • What about updates?

Book of the Week

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