480: Google's 1984 Moment

24 August 2022

We're spooked to learn how one man's life has been turned upside down just because he used Google Photos.

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  • Announcing .NET 7 Preview 7 — This preview of .NET 7 includes improvements to System.LINQ, Unix file permissions, low-level structs, p/Invoke source generation, code generation, and websockets.
  • A Dad Took Photos of His Naked Toddler for the Doctor. Google Flagged Him as a Criminal. — Google has an automated tool to detect abusive images of children. But the system can get it wrong, and the consequences are serious.
  • Matthew Green on Twitter — He took a private photo intended for a doctor. In a situation where human being expect (but may not be entitled to) the most extreme privacy that our technical situations have to offer. Instead his child’s genitals were transmitted to a team of people and he lost years of data.
  • Matthew Green on Twitter — This is the situation that every normal person fears will happen when “classifiers work as intended” on their private data. It’s fine to argue this is an extreme and regrettable edge case we can design out of the system. To say it’s defensible? That’s dangerous.
  • Deirdre Connolly¹ on Twitter — “Fun” reveal in this story: per the (erroneous) referral to police, Google complied with a warrant for this user’s /entire Google search history/, as well as location history, messages, and any documents they had associated with the account
  • The Amazing Critter Man 🇺🇸🐍 on Twitter — Consider this: These photos were unique. There was no hash in any law enforcement database for these images. Google still found them. They look at your stuff, you have no secrets from Google. Don’t give them anything, you have everything to hide.
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