5: To the Cloud Alice!

9 July 2012

Michael and Chris discuss developing on and for the cloud. The risks and advantages therein, and the lessons we’ve learned. Plus your great feedback, Apple’s DRM problem that lead to app crashes, and some thoughts on the Google Computer Engine. And More!

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Developing for the Cloud For Dummies

  • You need a zone defense!
  • Might want to read those terms…
  • Plan for the divorce while you are planning the wedding.
  • Watch out for that lockin.
  • Both unicorns and the magical scaling fairy do not exist.

Google Compute Engine and IAAS

  • Compute Engine is it for me?
  • Compute Engine custom images?
  • Compute Engine has a RESTFUL API!
  • How does CE compate to EC2 or Rackspace?
  • Why would I want this?
  • How do I develop for IAAS
  • What are the risks?


  • What is PAAS and how does it compare to IAAS?
  • What are my options here?
  • Why would I want this?
  • How do I develop for PAAS?
  • What are the risks?

Fairplay Comes Crashing Down

  • What happened?
  • A world without DRM — a wonderful world?
  • The cost of app piracy.
  • Where does this leave us?

The Horror! The Horror!

  • Mike’s skirmish with app pirates.

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