513: Apple's Golden Hour

12 April 2023

Forces beyond Apple's control just reined in their rise, and we ponder the coming sunset.

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  • Olympia Linux Spring Meetup , Sat, Apr 29, 2023, 1:00 PM — Let’s have a local PNW get-together. We haven’t picked exactly where yet. But we know it will be in Olympia!
  • [Burglars steal $500K from Apple store after cutting hole in adjacent store](https://komonews.com/news/local/500k-electronics-stolen-alderwood-mall-apple-store-lynnwood-theft-retail-police-department-crime-burglary-operation-seattle-coffee-gear-break-in-merchandise-hole-cut-business# “Burglars steal $500K from Apple store after cutting hole in adjacent store\”) — They’ve never dealt with anything like this in their five years in business at the mall, he said.
  • VS Code snippet generator — Fill out the form to generate a JSON snippet. Double quotes are automatically escaped and the body is automatically split into a string array.
  • Another snippet generator(multiple apps) — VScode, Sublime Text, and Atom.
  • Apple’s Mac shipments fall more than 40% — Apple Mac shipments fell 40.5% in the first quarter of 2023, compared with the same time the prior year, market intelligence provider IDC said.
  • TSMC Sales Miss for Second Straight Quarter — TSMC relies on consumer hardware like iPhones to drive sales
  • Apple Flexes Muscle as Quiet Power Behind App Developer Group — Company funds more than half of group’s budget, shapes goals.
  • Tim Sweeney on Twitter — Here’s Apple’s fake “small app developer” lobby again using small app developers as human shields to defend its monopoly, misportraying its opposition as larger corporations. Pure, shameless deception by a multi trillion dollar corporation.
  • DoctorGPT brings GPT into production for debuging! — DoctorGPT is a lightweight self-contained binary that monitors your application logs for problems and diagnoses them.
  • Why is it called Python? — When he began implementing Python, Guido van Rossum was also reading the published scripts from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, a BBC comedy series from the 1970s. Van Rossum thought he needed a name that was short, unique, and slightly mysterious, so he decided to call the language Python.
  • Alby: Your Boost companion for the web — Alby brings Boosts to the web.
  • Coder Radio on the Podcastindex.org — Send a Boost into the show via the web. First, top-up Alby, then head over to our entry on the Podcast Index.
  • chatbot-ui: An open source ChatGPT UI. — Chatbot UI is an advanced chatbot kit for OpenAI’s chat models built on top of Chatbot UI Lite using Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS.