7: Eat Your Greens

23 July 2012

Sometimes doing the things you hate to do, is exactly what you need to do. From working with designers, pushing your clients for extra security, and taking needed time off. This episode is all about why you need to do the things, you don’t want to do!

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  • Emett checks in again with some more details on his situation — the outlook is still pretty tough.
  • Louis sent me an email in C++
  • Joel got in touch asking about my Linux dev setup
  • Abe would like some clarifications on CLANG, GCC , and LLVM
  • Hey wait C++ isn’t really low level, said the Java dev
  • Nelson needs some help figuring out where to host his Python app
  • Scott has a gift for Chris

The Power of User Experience

  • The Nexus 7 is the Android tablet you’ve been looking.
  • What does it mean for devs?
  • What’s a designer and why do I care?
  • Ok but my project isn’t consumer facing…

Chris Calls Devs Lazy!

  • We take a broader look at what really caused the in app purchase mess and what the situation on the ground is regarding purchase receipts.
  • How do budgets and external constraints affect best practices?

Working hard? You might be doing it wrong…

  • The article inspired it all
  • Does working longer hours really lead to better developer productivity?
  • Isn’t it worth it at the end to get in on the ground floor?

Il Mio Pomodoro

  • You say tomato I say “efficient day of coding”
  • 25 up 5 down.
  • The catch with Pomodoro — unplugging
  • The Pomodoro Technique

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