52: Linux Action News

6 May 2018

Fedora fights for the user, Ubuntu Flavours draw the line, and why we're worried small distributions are starting to collapse.

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  • Ubuntu MATE 18.10 - dropping i386 images — Less than 10% of Ubuntu MATE users are running the i386 (32-bit Intel) images.
  • 18.10 and beyond - 64bit images only | Ubuntu Budgie — from the various reports and statistics we have observed from 16.04 budgie-remix all the way to you enthusiastic 18.04 trail-blazers, almost all of you are now using the 64bit ISO.
  • Lubuntu finally ready to move to LXQt — Lubuntu 18.10 will be the first release to ship with LXQt as default desktop environment instead of LXDE, according to Simon Quigley.
  • Korora takes a “break” — Korora for the forseeable future is not going to be able to march in cadence with the Fedora releases. In addition to that, for the immediate future there will be no updates to the Korora distribution.
  • Void Linux struggling as leader goes missing — There still are multiple members to the Void Core Team and others working on this independent Linux distribution, but their project leader has “disappeared”. There’s been no contact since January but no “meaningful contact” in over one year.
  • Fedora 28 released — The headline feature for Fedora 28 Server is the inclusion of the new Modular repository. This lets you select between different versions of software like NodeJS or Django