413: Painpoints to Profits

12 May 2021

Chris struggles with his nature, while Mike shares some sage developer advice that everyone should hear before using a platform like AWS.

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  • Hacker Accessed AWS for $50k+ – AWS Ignoring Me — My business has used AWS for around 3 years and our normal usage is $1k per month in EC2 and S3. In early March a hacker accessed our AWS account through my login via an IP address in Austria (I’m in Austin, TX). They spun up 3 large instances of EC2 which began charging us $1k-$2k per day.
  • Changing How Updates Work with Docker Desktop 3.3 — If you use Docker Desktop at work you may need to skip a specific update. For this reason, Pro or Team subscription developers can skip notifications for a particular update when a reminder appears.
  • Brendan Dolan-Gavitt on Twitter — …ignoring Docker updates is a paid feature now??
  • Dieu Cao on Twitter — The snooze interval is once a day. I’m asking our comms team if they can update the existing blog post to be more explicit about the behavior that you won’t see these until two weeks after an update becomes available and then once a day after that.
  • Nick Statt on Twitter — This is really key. Apple’s lawyer says “Apple did not establish the 30 percent,” but rather game companies did back around 2003 when digital distrbuition was starting. “30% was, as Epic’s integrate documents will show, industry standard.”
  • Ben Bajarin on Twitter — Basically, they want to argue that macOS being more “open” yet still employing strong security and privacy stands in contrast to their argument about the policies on iPhone and iOS app store.
  • The 10 Best Practices for Remote Software Engineering
  • Yikes at these HN Comments