552: iPad Friend Zone

10 January 2024

A prominent developer has brought the anti-trust heat against Apple to the public, kicking off a chain reaction that could have gone very wrong for Apple. Plus, why the Apple Vision Pro is destined for the Friend Zone.

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  • 💥 Gets Sats Quick and Easy with Strike — Strike is a lightning-powered app that lets you quickly and cheaply grab sats in over 36 countries.
  • 📻 Boost with Fountain.FM — Fountain 1.0 is out with a new UI, upgrades, and super simple Strike integration for easy Boosts.
  • 🎧 Boost with Podverse — A GPL Podcasting 2.0 platform that supports Boosts and more!
  • Bitcoin ETF widely expected to get approval this week - YouTube — CNBC’s Kate Rooney reports on news around Bitcoin.
  • Macs can now detect liquids in USB-C ports — On the Mac, however, the code suggests that the daemon is only used for “analytics” and is not associated with end-user features. While Apple may eventually implement an alert similar to the one that already exists in iOS, it seems more likely that the data collected by this daemon will be used for technicians to determine whether a Mac is eligible for free repair.
  • Apple Vision Pro sales will start on February 2 — Apple’s headset will ship to customers on February 2. Preorders begin on January 19.
  • Apple: Developers shouldn’t refer to visionOS apps as AR or VR — The company is asking developers not to refer to visionOS apps using terms such as AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), XR (extended reality), or MR (mixed reality). Instead, Apple says that visionOS apps are “spatial computing apps.”
  • DHH on X — We have some great, native, dedicated apps ready for HEY Calendar. The Android one is just sitting there waiting for us to push publish in the Google Play Store. Guess what’s happening to the other one for iOS? Still “in review” since mid December 🙄
  • DHH on X — Ah @apple, not this shit again. I thought we sorted it out 2.5 years ago in round one?! Why oh why must it be like this! You know we’re not just going to roll over, that we’re never going to pay the 30% ransom. Just approve the fucking app and we’ll be on our merry way!
  • DHH on X — Apple just called to let us know they’re rejecting the HEY Calendar app from the App Store (in current form). Same bullying tactics as last time: Push delicate rejections to a call with a first-name-only person who’ll softly inform you it’s your wallet or your kneecaps.
  • Apple rejects the HEY Calendar from their App Store — So what’s going to happen? I don’t know, but I do know that we’ll keep fighting. We’re never going to roll over and pay Apple 30% in protection money to be left alone. Last time we found a way, and we will again.
  • Apple might be the next Big Tech company facing antitrust charges in the US - The Verge — The Department of Justice is finalizing an antitrust investigation into Apple that targets its closed ecosystem, according to The New York Times.
  • Tim Sweeney on X — Fortnite, but not on iOS because you are blocking it from a billion users.
  • Apple’s rejection of Hey calendar app renews an old fight — Basecamp founder and app creator David Heinemeier Hansson referred to Apple’s decision as “bullying tactics.”
  • Happiness is never having to ask for permission — We can put peak native apps in the rearview mirror in 2024. So pack your bags and come along for the ride!
  • We’ve resubmitted the HEY Calendar app to Apple — Did we want to work through the weekend to add this? No. But we also don’t want to leave our customers with iPhones waiting for our awesome native HEY Calendar app.
  • DHH on X — Apple approved the HEY Calendar!! It’s now available for download in the @appstore . Ridiculous it needed this level of awareness/pressure, but I’m so happy for our iOS team to see their work through the weekend pay off in full. Thanks to all who cheered!
  • The New York Times Sues Microsoft, OpenAI for Copyright Infringement — The New York Times has sued Microsoft and OpenAI for copyright infringement and is seeking “billions of dollars in statutory and actual damages.”
  • Amazon’s Silent Sacking — In 2023 Amazon laid off more than 27,000 people. While that’s a big number it’s a deceptively small percentage for a company with more than 1.6 million employees (1.7%).
  • Should You Watch Babylon 5? : startrek — Babylon 5 is basically the anti-Trek. More specifically, it’s the anti-TNG. The Earth Alliance isn’t a magic utopia, it’s the exact government you would expect modern boneheaded American politicians to set up if they suddenly landed in 2250.