3: Linux Action News

28 May 2017

NextCloud goes global, Devuan hits one, Solus keeps expanding, Firefox is trying, but Chrome has won. And more progress on Coreboot.

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  • Nextcloud announces Global Scale architecture as part of Nextcloud 12 — Achieve several orders of magnitude greater scaling. It is hard to scale the standard architecture to instances over hundred thousand users.
  • Devuan finally reaches 1.0.0 — There have been no significant bug reports since Devuan Jessie RC2 was announced only three weeks ago and the list of release critical bugs is now empty. So finally Devuan Jessie Stable is ready for release!
  • Debian Stretch is just weeks away. — We plan to release on 2017-06-17.
  • SteamVR Home Now Works Under Linux — SteamVR Home is a beta feature from Valve for making a social, interactive launcher experience in virtual reality. Those unfamiliar with SteamVR Home can learn about it via this earlier announcement.
  • SteamOS Brewmaster_beta gets huge update — SteamOS 2.115 also implements AMD Vulkan support. Please note that this will only work if you’re using Steam Beta Client.
  • Solus adds experimental KDE Plasma support — For the sake of clarity, please note that the Plasma Desktop from KDE is not officially supported at this moment in time. It is however a project that Peter is working on, and slowly building up to be something useful. This in itself was enabled by the vast amount of KF5 (KDE Frameworks) software required in the repositories already for the “Big Items” (Kdenlive, etc).
  • Firefox is Trying… — It’s because of our newfound internal confidence with Firefox that Mozilla has started to be more aggressive externally again. Firefox’s campaign launching today, called “browse against the machine”, is a perfect example.
  • Chrome has won — From these graphs it’s pretty clear that Firefox is not going anywhere. That means that the esteemed Fox will be around for many many years, albeit with an ever diminishing market share. It also, unfortunately, means that a turnaround is all but impossible.
  • More Coreboot progress for Purism — We are now pretty confident that we should be able to have coreboot firmware ready in time for factory preloading of the new inventory we’ll be shipping from in June.