19: The Open Source Catch-22

21 May 2020

We react to recently proposed Home Assistant changes, Alex attempts an extreme remote install, and we take a look at HomelabOS.

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  • Raspberry Pi 4 Storage Benchmarks
  • Home Assistant on Twitter — “We’re deprecating the Home Assistant Supervised installation on Generic Linux. Alternatives are to run Home Assistant Core in a Docker container or run our OS in a VM.”
  • [On hold] Deprecating Home Assistant Supervised on generic Linux — We’re going to put the deprecation plan on hold for now. Anyone running this installation method today can continue running this. We will offer more clear information in the future.
  • traefik host mode example
  • HomelabOS — Your offline-first privacy-centric personal data center.
  • HomelabOS - Syncing Settings via Git — HomelabOS will automatically keep the settings/ folder in sync with a git repo if it has one. So you can create a private repo on your Gitea instance for example, then clone that repo over the settings folder. Now any changes you make to settings/ files will be commited and pushed to that git repo whenever you run make, make update or make config.
  • Introduction - HomelabOS — Ansible templates out the HomelabOS config file using Jinja2 templating, which is then used to deploy HomelabOS itself.
  • sanoid for ZFS Snapshots — Policy-driven snapshot management and replication tools. Using ZFS for underlying next-gen storage.