44: Plex Skeptics

7 May 2021

Plex announces some big plans that make us a little nervous, Alex solves Chris's tablet performance woes, and we chat about Prometheus.

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  • Plexamp Release — This probably deserves a bigger version bump than just 0.0.1 as it encompasses a whole lot of upgrades under the hood which greatly improve performance 58 and unlock a lot of stuff for the future.
  • Plex Plans To Place All Legal Streaming Options (and Piracy) Into One Interface — After completing a growth equity round of $50m, Plex has announced plans to become a one-stop-shop for movies and TV. The goal is to at least partially solve one of the most annoying problems in today’s legal streaming market by placing all content in a single searchable interface. By default, this will also include users’ ‘pirate’ libraries, an interesting proposition that could yield results.
  • Infuse 7 - An Elegant Video Player — Infuse’s powerful, super-efficient playback engine supports just about every video file ever created including: MKV, MP4, AVI, ISO, DVD, BDMV, and many, many others.
  • [How to install install LineageOS on a 2015 7" Amazon Fire tablet](https://gist.github.com/Juul/ac03f4e8c7f8e7cc2d67d40bf2174f4f “How to install install LineageOS on a 2015 7” Amazon Fire tablet") — This is a guide for getting LineageOS (an older and unofficial version) onto an Amazon Fire 2015 7" tablet (also known as the 5th generation 7" Amazon Fire or under the internal codename “ford”).
  • LineageOS – LineageOS Android Distribution
  • Prometheus — Power your metrics and alerting with a leading open-source monitoring solution.
  • Healthchecks.io — We notify you when your nightly backups, weekly reports, cron jobs, and scheduled tasks don’t run on time.
  • Monitoring VMware clusters using Prometheus and Grafana | by Michael Kotelnikov — rometheus and Grafana have always been great opensource tools to monitor every aspect of your environment no matter how detailed you want your information, and no matter the scale of your environment. Prometheus will be gathering the metrics, and Grafana will be presenting the graphs and details you would like to see.