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10 March 2021

Mike reveals his secret project to Chris, who has several probing questions.

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  • Michael Dominick on Twitter — Mesa announcing something new tonight and someone we all know and love who has great hair is going disapprove of the architecture!
  • CoderBytes — New super secret project landing page.
  • Open Bug Bounty — Free Bug Bounty Program and Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure.
  • Michael Dominick on Twitter — I’m submitting a talk entitled “OpenSUSE Evangelism and The @ChrisLAS Challenge” 😈
  • ReSharper — The Visual Studio Extension for .NET Developers
  • dotUltimate — All .NET tools, ReSharper C++, and JetBrains Rider, together in one pack
  • Michael Dominick on Twitter — Damn…. working in #CSharp is just a pleasure…. #Tempation. Does anyone know a lot about how @dotnet #Linux binaries compare in comparison to #cpp ones? I am reconsidering some of my choices here….
  • The iMac Pro has been discontinued — Apple confirms the meaning behind “while supplies last” note in online store.
  • Apple discontinues the iMac Pro — More notably, the iMac Pro is a product from a different time, and represents a path Apple ultimately chose not to take with the Mac. When Apple announced in April 2017 it would make a new Mac Pro and was recommitting to its core pro customers, the iMac Pro was about to be announced. When it shipped that December, it felt very much like an interim step, a computer that was built as the replacement for the Mac Pro, only to have the Mac Pro survive after all.
  • MWC Barcelona Conference Planning for 50,000 In-Person — As reported by Bloomberg, GSMA, the organizer of MWC Barcelona, says that it plans to hold the conference in-person between June 28 and July 1, with expectations of up to 50,000 attendees.