423: What Makes a Linux User?

14 September 2021

Why it might be time to re-think who is and who is not a Linux user, plus we do a reality check on the state of Linux phones.

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  • Email from Purism — As previously announced, we will be increasing prices for all new orders of the Librem 5 in stages (the phone will be priced at $1199 from all orders received on or after Nov 1st, 2021 and we expect this price to go upward to $1299 in March 2022) as component prices change and as we deliver greater quantities of product.
  • Linux Phones | Madaidan’s Insecurities — Linux phones lack any significant security model and the points from the Linux article apply to Linux phones fully. There is not yet a single Linux phone with a sane security model.
  • Linux kernel needs more phones and tablets, says developer — “Especially for guys even running upstream kernel on RPI CM4 like me, more ARM devices with upstream kernel support will just be more happiness. Not to mention this also means super long time support, way longer than the lifespan of those devices.”
  • Steam Deck dev-kits are on the move Valve say, as some already have it — “All packaged up and ready for devs! This is one of the limited batches of Steam Deck dev-kits heading out today for partners to test their games.”
  • POKE 756,224 on Twitter — @ChrisLAS I admire your quest to get Linux running on your Thinkpad with the same battery life and perf you get on Windows. I’ve gotta admit, I’ve given up and just run Windows on mine, and the ugly truth is that Windows 11 is, for my needs anyway, really nice!
  • Pick: Flatseal — Flatseal is a graphical utility to review and modify permissions from your Flatpak applications.